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At Fleury's Floor Coverings, we offer so much more than just flooring!

Carpet Re-Stretching

Older homes, like many in Concord, have seen their share of wear and tear over the years. That’s only natural, as life happens! For homes with carpeting, age and traffic can leave carpets wrinkled and lumpy. The good news is that you don’t have to live with or replace rippled, uneven-looking carpet! Fleury’s Floor Covering’s experienced team of restoration professionals can affordably re-stretch your carpet, which will fix these problems and prevent their return.

Carpet stretching can happen in areas that experience heavy foot traffic, steady moving of heavy furniture, or changes in temperature or humidity, among other factors. Once you’ve spotted wavy, raised or loose carpeting, don’t wait to get it fixed; these areas can be a tripping hazard for kids, the elderly, and guests.

Call now and let our technicians restore your wrinkled carpet to its original beauty.

Specialty Carpet & Custom Rugs

At Fleury’s Floor Covering, we take pride in tailoring our professional flooring services to our customers’ individualized design needs. For instance, we offer specialty carpet binding services that can transform your carpet remnants into stylish custom rugs, perfect for any home remodeling project.

We know from experience how big an impact something as simple as a custom rug can have on home décor. No matter what type of flooring you currently have - or envision having in your soon-to-be remodeled home - a custom rug can add an immeasurable amount of warmth and charm to any room.  Let Fleury’s Floor Covering’s trusted carpet binding services turn your favorite carpet or carpet style into a stunning custom rug.

Contact us or visit our Concord location to hear more details about our affordable carpet-binding services. Our knowledgeable staff will also be happy to provide remodeling ideas.